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Chapter 116

Brisbane and Kimberly brantsit while Sofia is away!
Chapter 117

Sandra works the day at the Nuggets Cafe.
Chapter 118

Looks like there's more to some of the men in the lounge than meets the eye...
Chapter 119

Jane and Sandra go shopping and learn quite a bit about each other
Chapter 120

An award throws the Sales and Marketing team against each other.
Chapter 121

Just what happened last night?!
Chapter 122

Robert and Jane are in a rut.
Chapter 123

Kimberly has a proposition for Jake that he really wants to refuse.
Chapter 124

Brisbane and Kimberly have an intimate talk about shopping
Chapter 125

Adopt a Brant today!
Chapter 126

Brisbane and Kimberly watch one of Brisbane's favorite childhood movies.
Chapter 127

The island gets hit with some serious port problems.
Chapter 128

Sofia and Marla become the bestest of buddies, despite Sofia's protests
Chapter 129

Sofia hosts a Halloween party... at Brisbane's and Kimberly's.
Chapter 130

Brisbane has to figure out how to throw a Thanksgiving party with no money and no time.
Chapter 131

Sofia is having trouble sleeping. Brent is having trouble letting Sofia sleep.
Chapter 132

Brisbane gets a lesson in bargaining
Chapter 133

Brisbane has to go Christmas shopping for Kimberly and has no idea what to get her.

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