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Chapter 103

Can you tell the difference?
Chapter 104

An impending dinner guest is setting the Taylor-Adams household upside down
Chapter 105

Kimberly's on a quest to prove Brisbane's... Vaudevillian-ness.
Chapter 106

Brisbane and Kimberly have a conversation about the aesthetic appeal of paint.
Chapter 107

Brisbane and Kimberly take a convention down memory lane.
Chapter 108

The girls try to have a get-together.
Chapter 109

Patrick is in need of a place to stay, and has Sofia's in mind.
Chapter 110

Brisbane makes an extraordinary find!
Chapter 111

Robert and Jane have a late night out.
Chapter 112

Brisbane's on the outside and can't even look in!
Chapter 113

When people from the Internet meet...
Chapter 114

Brisbane and Kimberly finally get off their bottoms and redecorate!
Chapter 115

Sofia and Emily are off on a voyage!

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