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Chapter 16

Brisbane has needs and wants them fulfilled.
Chapter 17

When Brisbane starts having trouble with the lady in his life, he turns to the mend around him for help.
Chapter 18

Brisbane is out to give Kimberly the Valentine's date of a lifetime!
Chapter 19

Brisbane and Kimberly share and reflect their thoughts after celebrating their one year anniversary living together!
Chapter 20

Kimberly is off to find work!
Chapter 21

Kimberly is having some trouble admitting she took a job from her mother to Brisbane.
Chapter 22

Just some daily banter.
Chapter 23

The TV in the lounge is broken- now what will the guys from the lounge do with their time?
Chapter 24

Kimberly finds out more about our favorite apartment manager's past...
Chapter 25

Find out why Brisbane is the way he is today!
Chapter 26

Brisbane is in a good mood while Emily plans a picnic.
Chapter 27

Emily's picnic goes horribly wrong and Kimberly couldn't be happier for it.
Chapter 28

Kimberly makes a very special lunch for Brisbane.
Chapter 29

Brisbane finds some old things from Kimberly's past that gives him some insight into her life before the Minerva Theatre.
Chapter 30

Kimberly tries to make a baked surprise for Brisbane.
Chapter 31

Robert needs help with his social life once again, but Brisbane can't help without knowing just what happened between Robert and Jane
Chapter 32

Kimberly ruins a blazer and decides it's Casual Friday.
Chapter 33

Brisbane and Kimberly spending a boring day in.
Chapter 34

Kimberly realizes she has no friends other than those in her complex while a new friend follows her home.
Chapter 35

Lola's three suitors are up to no good and want to make sure Lola doesn't run off with anyone but them.
Chapter 36

Kimberly and Brisbane's new roommate isn't letting them get any sleep.
Chapter 37

Brisbane is given control over Lemon Tech. for a day and tries to order lunch!
Chapter 38

An innocent date and a not-so innocent conversation between Brisbane and Kimberly turns quite ugly.
Chapter 39

Kimberly goes on a date, Brisbane gets addicted to an on-line game and Emily learns a valuable lesson.

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