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Chapter 59

It's just another day for Brisbane and friends
Chapter 60

Ms Taylor deals with a mysterious man who knows quite a bit about her and her ex husband
Chapter 61

Kimberly finds out about why Brisbane's parents are not in his life
Chapter 62

What everyone else is doing for Valentine's day
Chapter 63

Brisbane has something very important to ask Kimberly...
Chapter 64

There's more to Lola than just a pretty face...
Chapter 65

Sofia makes a very big trip to make a very big mistake
Chapter 66

From one annoying neighbor to another, Sofia just can't win.
Chapter 67

Robert needs to Jane a really, really nice birthday present this year to make amends
Chapter 68

Everyone has their own way of preparing for Brisbane and Kimberly's big day
Chapter 69

Emily wants answers and doesn't particularly care if they are true or not
Chapter 70

Brisbane's good intentions get all washed up
Chapter 71

Shopping while hungry is bad enough, but while in a bad mood it's nearly impossible
Chapter 72

Kimberly losses her voice while Brisbane losses his lunch (break).
Chapter 73

Robert has a very hypothetical question for Jane
Chapter 74

A new worker at Lemon Tech. has questions only Dan can answer.
Chapter 75

Kimberly wants to play Final Battle Adventure on-line... but the slime bunnies are not the only thing on her hit-list.
Chapter 76

Kimberly has had it with her mother and in the process almost finds out the truth about her parent's relationship
Chapter 77

Emily and Sofia are wondering just what kind of secrets he's holding from Jane...
Chapter 78

The entire family gets together for Thanksgiving at the Taylors.
Chapter 79

Men everywhere! Live in fear... for Emily is a free agent again!
Chapter 80

It seems no one knows what to get anyone for Christmas.
Chapter 81

Everyone takes it easy for a little Christmas cheer
Chapter 82

While Ms Taylor's away, the children will rule

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