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Chapter 134

Robert and Jane's relationship goes in a whole new direction.
Chapter 135

Robert gets the gang back together to fix a videogame console.
Chapter 136

Sofia needs a change of pace
Chapter 137

Patrick starts causing trouble for Kimberly. Brisbane starts causing trouble for Patrick.
Chapter 138

Sandra and Jake try to have a night in together.
Chapter 139

Marla opens up to Dalton, much to her regret.
Chapter 140

Ms Taylor leaves and even more mysteriously leaves Patrick in charge.
Chapter 141

Brisbane tries to keep Kimberly on track.
Chapter 142

Meanwhile, Sofia works on Patrick, and not in a good way.
Chapter 143

Kimberly and Brisbane go on search of Grandpa Taylor for answers and coffee.
Chapter 144

Patrick does some forensic accounting
Chapter 145

Brisbane and Kimberly try to get control of the company with Dan's help.
Chapter 146

Brisbane and Kimberly get the company back. Just not the building it's in.

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