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Chapter 40

Brisbane moves back in with Kimberly and Sofia moves into Brisbane's old place
Chapter 41

Brent is up to his old ways causing Sofia much grief... and dampness.
Chapter 42

Emily is quite confident in her relationship with David... is David?
Chapter 43

Jane and Robert try to squeeze in a little relationship time in their lives.
Chapter 44

The guys from the lounge get their TV fixed which throws their lives into shambles!
Chapter 45

Brisbane and Kimberly slowly try to get back into the action of dating.
Chapter 46

Brent is sick! Can a visit to the pet shelter be as good for Brent as it is for Sofia?
Chapter 47

Robert and friends go on an epic quest of pixel proportions!
Chapter 48

Emily invites Sofia for lunch with nothing but gossip on her mind
Chapter 49

Work and Ms Taylor aside, Kimberly is stressed. Lola isn't helping.
Chapter 50

A simple sick day for Brisbane causes internal politic issues within the company.
Chapter 51

Brisbane and Kimberly have a long talk that is a long time coming.
Chapter 52

(A little too much) Information on just what happened to Mr and Ms Taylor after the share holder meeting.
Chapter 53

Brisbane and Kimberly have... different plans for how to celebrate Halloween this year.
Chapter 54

Sofia's ready to move out of her crumby apartment! Too bad she has no idea where she's going...
Chapter 55

Jane and Robert are off to give lives... whether they want to or not.
Chapter 56

Sofia's off on the hunt to land herself a certain vet.
Chapter 57

Brisbane (attempts) to lay down the law on his sister.
Chapter 58

It's Brisbane vs. Ms Taylor with the Holiday bonus on the line!

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