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Chapter 1

Something very wrong is going on at The Minerva Theater... how will Brisbane Adams pick up the pieces of his life..?
Chapter 2

Brisbane has to not only look for work, but hide from Kimberly's landlord as well!
Chapter 3

Brisbane has to get a job... or else!
Chapter 4

Brisbane and Kimberly move into a larger apartment...or is it Kimberly moving into a new apartment while Brisbane bums a place to stay once again?
Chapter 5

See how Brisbane and Kimberly spend their work days.
Chapter 6

Emily comes over to invite Kimberly out for a jog.Things can only get worse from there.
Chapter 7

Hippedown Apartments gets wired for the Internet.Brisbane finds out what puts the 'lemon' in Lemon Technology while Kimberly hits her breaking point.
Chapter 8

Brisbane and Kimberly go out on a real date.
Chapter 9

Kimberly gets sick, leaving Brisbane to take care of her.
Chapter 10

Brisbane gets a computer and Robert learns a very valuable lesson.
Chapter 11

Thanksgiving with Brisbane and Kimberly!
Chapter 12

Kimberly loses her job and her stability.
Chapter 13

Job or no job- Christmas must go on. Kimberly and Brisbane go tree shopping.
Chapter 14

Brisbane is having a bit of trouble picking out a gift for Kimberly.
Chapter 15

Kimberly finds her old job in a new place.

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