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Chapter 83

Sofia and Dr. Paul have a long, uncomfortable talk.
Chapter 84

Brisbane's friend's and Kimberly's enemies plan a little something.
Chapter 85

You are invited to the wedding of Brisbane Adams and Kimberly Taylor.
Chapter 86

Kimberly's parents give it a go once again and it's just like old times.
Chapter 87

Life settles down after the wedding... for the most part
Chapter 88

So what did happen to Sofia after the wedding...?
Chapter 89

Just who is Emily dating now...?
Chapter 90

Kimberly gets a letter from her grandfather that causes a shift in power.
Chapter 91

Sofia adopts again!
Chapter 92

Something is very wrong in the Taylor-Adams household...
Chapter 93

Brisbane and Kimberly get married... again.
Chapter 94

Sofia and Patrick go out on a date.
Chapter 95

Brisbane stands up for the little man.
Chapter 96

While Ms Taylor is away, the children will rule.
Chapter 97

So just what happened to Ms Taylor...?
Chapter 98

Brisbane and Kimberly attempt to have a Thanksgiving on no time.
Chapter 99

Jane's new friend seems awfully familiar to Jake.
Chapter 100

Brisbane and Kimberly have no idea what to get anyone this year.
Chapter 101

It's that time of year... again.
Chapter 102

Robert has more than computer problems.

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