Thursday, March 25th 2004 - [18]The new swing of things (18 of 22)

Original Commentary
Capsicum is the active chemical in chilis. And no, not "boyfriend". Not "roommate". I think "personal pet" is the best description for their relationship at this point.

Modern Commentary
What? They have trouble defining their exact relationship in a comic called "You Say it First"? I can hardly believe it

So, did their previous data enterer just happen to quit or did Emily nudge things along so that she and her old friend Kimberly could work together? I'm not sure what we thought about this at the time, but reading it now...
Probably more of a "Wow, data entry is so boring. I could never do that. Did you hear that (some other place) is hiring?" or "I bet your grandma misses you. You should totally move a hundred miles to be closer to her" than something like sending an "I quit" email when they left their computer unlocked. Probably - Terrence

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