Friday, February 20th 2004 - [0]Chapter One- The new swing of things
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Modern Commentary
Welcome! We generally assumed readers were familiar with Unlike Minerva, that was a better assumption in 2004 than in 2022, perhaps.
He is Brisbane Adams. Protagonist. Comedian, but bad at it. Performer at the local vaudeville theatre.
She is Kimberly Taylor. Antagonist. Grifter, but good at it. Salesperson at the theatre. Hobbies include messing with Brisbane.

This was more of a placeholder to let people know the comic itself was coming soon.
We didn't keep on doing the chapter header images for a few reasons. Sometimes, we'd keep chapter titles secret for a few days to avoid spoilers. Sometimes, we'd take a little extra time to decide on a title. But mainly, we didn't want to give you a title page instead of a proper comic. Especially for shorter storylines.
In retrospect, I think there are a few storylines that could've used an introductory splash page to set the scene.
But when you start a comic, there's always an element of just doing stuff and seeing what sticks- Terrence

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