Wednesday, October 19th 2005 - [427]Back at work (5 of 7)

Original Commentary

Brisbane refers to unproductive conversations with members of other departments. The original plan was to show those conversations, but that didn't work at all. So I figure if you have to force a particular comic, it wasn't meant to be. What would've happened? They would've asked if he was trying to sell him things, or vented for an hour about minor intrapersonal issues, or such. The other problem would be making three panels represent four hours of frustration - Terrence

Modern Commentary
My original notes for this storyline are:

Brisbane: indecisive. Not weak-willed, but has no idea how to actually DO things. Or any idea what to do.

Ms Taylor: Shrewd. Not training Brisbane for anything, just wants him to be useful. Doesn't show much respect to him. Respects her daughter's ability, but they have serious differences.

I did that a lot, just make little notes to myself about what I wanted a storyline to accomplish and where the characters were at. I had notes for Kimberly too, even though she didn't really appear here. - Terrence

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