Friday, October 14th 2005 - [425]Back at work (4 of 7)
Sandwich Delivery

Original Commentary

Yes, Brisbane assumed that he could just say "charge it to the company" and that would take care of everything.

This is the first time that I believe we've shown cash money in the series. If it were green, it'd look too American, but if it weren't green it would be less identifiable as money. I was thinking it should be blue, but there was a lot of blue in the comic and it'd blend in. So it's blueish-green. It's not American dollars, but we haven't officially named Hippedown's currency. I'm tempted to go with pounds. But, um...we used the dollar symbol. So they're Hypedonian dollars. And the last panel originally read "$12.50 cash, right?", but Isabel suggested Brisbane's current line while shading the comic. I think it works a lot better. I was just trying to indicate that he had no idea how to actually charge things to the company (or fill out a purchase order - he'd have to track down someone else who knows how and ask them) and had given up, but the current line implies the same thing with a lot more character - Terrence

Modern Commentary
You might say "Hey, that's an entirely different shade of blue money than we saw in Nicole and Derek.

And you're right. Nicole and Derek takes place twenty-five years later. They redesigned the currency in that time.

Also, I'm not 100 percent sure if that guy works at an off-screen food cart or if he's just a delivery guy for a slightly less nearby restaurant. - Terrence

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