Tuesday, July 27th 2004 - [67]A day in the life of... (3 of 5)

Commentary added Sep 22nd, 2022

Original Commentary
Kimberly looks like she is talking in that first panel because I misread the script- even though I wrote it. Oops.

Modern Commentary
Olestra was a fat substitute that waas gaining popularity at the time. It's not soluble, which means it goes right through the digestive system without the calories being absorbed.
The problem was that, well, it went right through the digestive system. "Anal leakage" was a listed side effect, which is more than most people wanted to deal with for potato chips.

Does intra-company mail come at a specific time? I've worked at companies that have had intra-company mail, but was never in a position where people sent me things. I suppose that if you show up at 1 PM every day for a few weeks, then one day you drop things off at 1:30, then you're late, whether or not there's a posted time.
I'm going to say that that guy in the final panel is either Hiram Smith (and the folder just said "H. Smith") or works in 432A (and Hillary Smith works in 432B) - Terrence

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